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October 28, 2008

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Something Moved in the Cupboard October 17, 2008

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“Something moved in the cupboard.” What could it possibly be? Brook moved closer and closer, when she saw the cupboard doors move she screamed. There was her father running down the stairs as fast has he could and into the kitchen where he had heard her scream. Her father decided to open the cupboard and check when he quickly pulled on the cupboard doors he saw absolutely nothing so he took out everything from the cupboard.

Once everything was out of the cupboard they both heard the front door open and in came Brook’s mother straight from the grocery store. Victoria, Brook’s mom was a real clean freak and if she found out that there was something in her kitchen cupboard she would go crazy and they both knew she wouldn’t appreciate that or the mess they had made. When Victoria walked in the kitchen the first thing that clicked to her mind was mess a gigantic mess and it was coming out of her kitchen cupboard, so she dropped the grocery’s on the floor and screamed “what’s going on?” Brook knew that she couldn’t tell her mom so she said, “Oh I was just looking for the cheese crackers, and I couldn’t find them so dad was helping me.” “Well your dad is a great help isn’t he, you didn’t find the crackers since they are finished, and you two mad a huge mess that I’m not cleaning up.” And she walked away.

Later that day when her mother Victoria went out to get them dinner Brook heard something in the kitchen. As she got up from the couch she slowly walked to the kitchen when she got there she saw the cupboard door moving again, but this time it was a different cupboard. When she opened the cupboard door she saw the peanut butter jar open and peanut butter all over the cupboard, the strawberry jam was in a glass jar so the jar was broken and the jam was leaking. Then she saw a long pink tail sticking out of the peanut butter jar, that very second something jumped out there was a long pause and a loud scream.

It was a mouse once again there was her father running down the stairs and into the kitchen and there was the mouse. A little bit later Brook’s mother opened the door with dinner and they were all in the same position as they were earlier. The only difference was that this time Brook didn’t have to make up an excuse because this time the mouse decided be smart and it ran right out the door and the problem was finally over. However, only Brook and her father knew what happened to their house after her mother found out it was a mouse.


EID :) October 5, 2008

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Overall my eid break was really boring and i had absolutely nothing to do except for when my friends would come over and we would go out. The best part of my break was Eid. The night before eid we had a party at our house where many girls would get together and we would put on henna and dance that was a lot of fun since it was at my house and because most of my friends were with me. In the morning we went to eid prayer, eid prayer is diffrent then the other five prayers because it is only on the first day of eid and it is always one hour after fajr prayer. When we came home we were so tired we went to sleep and when we woke up it was time to go to dinner, every eid we go to radission for dinner with many other people but this year we didn’t go for some reason so then we had to go to someone’s house. The second day we went to another dinner which i didn’t like because their were so many people and you couldn’t really enjoy since we had to sit down the whole time. The last day of eid their wasn’t really anything planned so I decided that a couple girls could come over and we would just hang out. Most of my break was boring but I loved eid and i can’t wait for the next eid, and you never know maybe i will be able to do eid in Pakistan for the first time.


Selena Gomez October 4, 2008

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If I would be able to meet someone famous I would like to meet Selena Gomez the reason I chose her is because I have been watching her ever since she started acting in Barney. Now about 3-4 years later I am watching her in her own show Wizards of Waverly place. Selena has been in many different shows and movies one of her recent movies just came out this summer called another Cinderella story. I also like Selena because she is not like one of those celebrities that would go out and do weird things for attention. I would be really excited to meet her and if I did I would not forget to take a picture and get an autograph.


A Letter from an Indentured Servant

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Dear Family and Friends

How are you all doing? I am very lonely here in Virginia and life is quite tough, in the last couple of weeks the death rates have been so high that they have started to have a labor shortage and so now there are more indentured slaves like myself. I have also made a good friend here her name is Margarett Williams, she is also an indentured slave. She signed a contract to work for a big plantation owner Richard Smyth and Smyth must provide all her needs. Unlike Margarett we have to cook our own food and we must live with the little amount of clothing we brought while traveling to Virginia.

Living conditions are so poor now that one of my many roommates wrote to his family and friends that “I have eaten more in a day at home than I have had here for a week.”[1] It has been very difficult these past days and scary too because of the high death rates, we see many known slaves or slaves that have been working with us dying because of all the diseases. Many diseases are getting common and most of them are spreading quickly, many African slaves and indentured slaves are dying before there term is ending. Many of us were very scared that we would not be able to last until our term ended. Then when we found out that many of the servants that came before us had survived till the end of their term, gained freedom and were now able to claim land we felt much better and now we have all decided that we will work harder and succeed. I hope to become one of those servants who will be able to claim land and we will gain our freedom. Just one more year until I will gain freedom and I truly hope to have our family come live with me in Virginia on our own land that I will soon be able to claim.

Last year the first group of African slaves came to Virginia and they did not come from Europe like us because they came on a Dutch ship and like myself most of them were indentured slaves and the rest were enslaved. In the past year a few of them became successful farmers, but only when their contracts ended.

I am looking forward to meeting you all very soon.

 Yours Truly,
Marie Lynn












[1] Text Book, Page 68


Massachusetts Bay/Saudi Arabia

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There are many differences in Saudi Arabia and the Massachusetts Bay colony but at the same time there are also many similarities. Of course in the beginning of the Massachusetts Bay colony there was not as much help as there was when people moved to Saudi Arabia.(Since the colony was not formed) One of the main reasons that all the settlers were moving on both countries was because of education or religious reasons.

Massachusetts Bay Colony and Saudi Arabia have many similarities like the fact that many Muslims have left their hometown for religious reasons and have moved to Saudi Arabia so that their children learn more about their religion and read the Quran. Also like the colonists wanted their children to have the right education and read the Bible. In the beginning of the colony many men brought their families along with them, and in Saudi Arabia many men have brought their families too. Some have brought their family for the same reason and others have brought them for different reasons. Women are low ranked in both the Massachusetts Bay colony and Saudi Arabia they have less right on everything and no rights on something’s.

               When the colonists first arrived they needed lots of helping hands so their wives helped by helping build shelter, and for food they had their own gardens where they would grow there vegetables.  In Saudi Arabia women do not help men by working or building shelter and you would never see a house wife in the “garden” picking vegetables for dinner. In the colony, for becoming a full member of the church you had to be god’s chosen but here in Saudi Arabia there is nothing like that. Many men brought their children along for better education but, here there is not much choice of education or better education, most people are here for many different reasons.


Hello world!

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